Other Wow Shenanigans

Altaholics Anonymous.  Not a new idea, but if it did exist, I’d probably be a member.  I currently have three level 80 characters, and I’m leveling a fourth at the moment.  Add that to the 70 Warlock that will probably get leveled after 3.1, and the pair of Shamans that my wife and I are leveling, and it’s possible that I could have six level 80’s in the same number of months.

Balancing the play time between all of toons can be trying, but it does have its advantages too.  For starters, I’m covered on 7 professions between between my four 70+ toons.  With the Shaman and the Mage on the way, I’ll have everything covered and be self sufficient. 

Also, with the exception of my Mage (Enchanting is a huge money drain while you’re leveling it), leveling a toon always nets me a good amount of gold.  On the three toons that are already 80, I’ve made over 20, 000g in Northrend alone.  Most of that has gone to epic/cold-weather flight, but I’ve still got about 5,000 saved up.

As amazing as the versatility of having three different 80 characters is, it has its price.  My Paladin gets more playtime than my Rogue, as more often than not, the guild either needs a tank or healer.  Anabelle, is known as Jenkins, the Argent Champion, and Champion of the Frozen Wastes.  Poor Sam, is just an Explorer.  If I can get Maly and KT down, plus run old Strat a few times, I’d have both of the Champion titles on him as well.  I’m pretty sure Moghann, my hunter, is only missing KT, and a heroic or two for his Frozen Wastes title.

What I’m getting at is that the price of playing multiple characters on a consistent basis is that it’s much harder to get one character all of the acheivements and gear you’d like.  My fatal flaw in the equation of who to play is that I will always take the character that my guild needs me on.  As guild leader, I feel the responsibility to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.  I know that sometimes, it comes at the expense of Sam, who is my main, but I enjoy playing with my guild, so I do what it takes.

In defense of Alataholsim, having many high level characters adds to your experience of the game, as you see it from multiple angles.  The only thing I haven’t done in Tier 7 is tank Malygos.  Other than that, I’ve Healed, Tanked and DPSed every single fight.  In fact, I’ve DPSed every fight, except KT from Ranged and Melee.  I know the content backward and forward, because I’ve done it in every possible way.

I won’t lie, I wish I spent more time playing my Rogue, but I enjoy being well rounded.

– Sam

3 Responses to Other Wow Shenanigans

  1. pitrelli says:

    I have started giving my level 80 rogue a small 30 minute mining expedition every night – this is to collect ore to help with my paladins Black Smithing. I popped into hellfire to get some fel iron ore and gank some alliance death knights – fairs fair, im expecting a hard time when my paladin finally arrives through the portal. Twas much fun and reminded me I will always be a rogue at heart however as painful as it is my level 43 pala ‘alt’ is now my main.

    Iv also decided to get the mats together for a mechano-hog for when my paladin hits 80 so I can take advantage of my Rogues maxed out mining skill and make a start on titansteel bars now 🙂

  2. shibumi says:

    Yes, alts – I have that problem as well. My primary was a hunter. got him to 80 very quickly, and when I got the spirit beast, I started looking at my alts. My rogue, neglected for a year. I had to remember how to play – thus digging up some references on blogs like this one.

    Now, I’m astounded my lvl 80 hunter can hit anything. I have concentrated (thanks sam and others) on my Hit Cap and Expertise – whereas on the hunter I only looked at AP (shows you how poorly a theorycrafter I am). My lvl 75 rogue has a current Hit of 311, bumpable to 389 by swapping out his goggles for a hat and some different pants. Unbelieveable what a difference it makes.

    I’m looking to forwarding my rogue up to 80, and perhaps then get invited to some instance runs. I got one piece of tier something (got my chest piece from an instance I was invited on a whle back – Netherblade Chestpiece – for turning in a Fallen Champion token). poorly outfitted but way better than my hunter, who has become my lvl 80 alt :0

    I have the same idea – got alts of just about every class and race. I tend to reroll dranaie because I don’t want to ride an elephant – though after WotLK and the ease of faction grinding makes that somewhat moot. Same with the gnomes – and I cannot stand the Blood Elves …that helps to narrow down the field when choosing what to roll up as an alt.

    I want to work up my shaman next I think. or my lvl 48 druid who was my first character and hasn’t gotten any higher.

  3. wtfwasthat?!! says:

    I couldn’t imagine anything more boring than levelling one alt let alone running lots of alts. However, this is only my opinion. I enjoyed levelling my Belf Rogue for a while first time round after TBC release.

    Stupidly having reached level 70 and bored (couldn’t really raid as didn’t have that much time required to dedicate to it) I didn’t park my account. I quit.

    About 18 months later I hear about WotLK and started again but this time with an UD Rogue. Levelling bored me completely afterall I had seen it all before. I couldn’t wait to hit 68 and get my sorry ass to NR.

    I have often toyed with the idea of levelling a Tauren toon… However, I just cba. Going through all that content would piss me off too much and I’d end up quitting.

    For me time spent playing my rogue AND levelling an alt < dedicating all the time I do have to play gearing up my rogue and enjoying end-game raiding.

    I never understand people who have lots of alts but thats just me. Raiding never appealed to me until I actually tried it in WotLK… Now I’m a raidoholic… Maybe I will level an alt one day and maybe I will enjoy it.

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