Lightningrod, Master of Mechanisms

thuderstormHere’s a brief shout out to a new blog authored by a good friend of mine:  Lightningrod, Master of Mechanisms.  Lightningrod is not only a member of my guild, Bucklers of Swash, but he went to High School with my brother.  Sadly, I had already graduated…

Anyway, the self proclaimed Master of Mechanisms noticed a void in the Elemental Shaman world, and decided to start a blog of his own.  I guess I was having too much fun on my own.  Don’t let him fool you with the whole Shaman bit though, he’s bigger altaholic than I;  his first toon, which is sadly dormant, is a Rogue named Sam (no relation, lol).  If he’s half as entertaining in print as he is in vent (rhyme not intended), I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

– Sam

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