I Already Joined the Hunt

Apparently I’m an Muse.

Klinderas, a Blood Elf Hunter, and author of the blog Slow Wolf, took the format of my Why Play a Rogue post, and ran with it, Hunter style.

moghannSpeaking of Hunter style, If you’re new to Slice and Dice, you may not  know that I Suffer from a severe case of  Altaholism.  In addition to Samuel, I also have a level 80 Human Paladin named Anabelle, and more important to this monologue, a level 80 Dwarf Hunter named Moghann.

You see, I’m an avid fan of World of Warcraft, and my love for the Rogue class hasn’t left me close minded to playing other classes.  I won’t lie, at the end of the day I’d rather be a Rogue than anything else, but I really do enjoy playing my hunter.

Before I catch too much flak about it, I know that I haven’t named my wasp.  I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect name.  I have a core hound named Spike, a cat named Convict, a gorilla named Knuckles, and an empty stable slot for Loque’nahak, who, despite countless hours of flying around Sholazar, I can’t ever seem to locate.  But I digress…


At the end of the article, Klinderas asks “You in?” to all who might want to be a hunter.  My response to your question, Klinderas:  I’ve already joined the hunt. 

– Sam

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