I’ve got the gold for my Dual Specs, and I’ve got plenty of mats ready for 3.1 to hit.  So how does Sam spend his free time then?  Leveling a mage of course.  I’ve been following a fabulous guide for a leveling Frost spec, straight from the CriticalQQ blog, written by Euripedes.

As the picture suggests, I’m in Tanaris leveling through the mid 40’s.  At the time of this screenshot I was killing the Southsea Pirates for the fifth time.  If I make it to at least Zul’Farrak, that’s usually my tipping point on whether I make it to max level or not.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the Mage class.  I’m already familiar with blasting things from range after leveling my hunter, but this time, there’s no pet to keep the mob from running at me.  Tailoring and Enchanting are my professions on the toon, and both are easy enough to level, but disenchanting all of my greens and up made me realize just how much money you make from vendoring them.  I’m pretty much broke after I train.

No worries, I only play this toon when I’m not needed on my three 80’s.  I just thought I’d share my time killer with you.  

– Sam

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