It’s Over Nine Thousand! (Well, 10k Actually)

 /Cast Delusion of Grandeur

10khitsIn 6 short months, this blog has gone from 5-10 page views a day to a  100-300 page view a day blog.  While this is hardly comparable to the huge WoW blogs like BigRedKitty, which I read daily, it’s a personal milestone for me.

The hits have been picking up steam recently (more than 3,700 visits this month).  Many people have found their way here from Google, but I’ve also been getting some link love as of late from the other rogue blogs out there .  I thought it only appropriate to celebrate a little by throwing a shout out back at some of the people that are getting others sent here.

Dinaer from Forever a Noob recently added me to his blogroll, and if you look on the side of this page you’ll notice that he’s linked from here too.  If you haven’t checked out his site, you really should, it’s quite good.

Aeltyr over at And Two Rogues is also a good read, and another blog that I already had linked before today.  Occasionally he ends his posts with something like this: “Aeltyr tries to find his knives and realises he left them in his other armor. Aeltyr casts Fan of Handkerchiefs, but it fails. ”  I get a good laugh when he writes stuff like that.

Also linked on my blogroll is Rogue Chick by Raivyne.  She’s been more of a Discipline Priest as of late, but hey, I’m doing almost all of my progression raiding as a Holy / Prot Paladin, so I can’t say anything.  She seems excited enough about 3.1, so maybe she (and myself) will be back to our stealthy ways soon.

New today to my blogroll is Gone-Rogue, written by Eskel.  He’s a skilled combat rogue, and good writer to boot.  I’ve just recently started reading this blog, but I really like what I’ve been reading so far, as the posts are very in depth and informative.

Given the new found psedo-popularity, I’m thinking that I might need to spend some more time on my blog.  I really do enjoy to write, so I guess that’s not too big of a deal.  Again, thanks to everyone that’s been stopping by or sending people here. 

/Stopcasting Delusion of Grandeur

– Sam

2 Responses to It’s Over Nine Thousand! (Well, 10k Actually)

  1. Sideshow says:

    Good to see another Rogue-related blog. I’m working on doing more Rogue-related posts soon, hopefully. My partner has been using it all for her Warlockery, but we’ll have to stop that. 🙂

  2. omenscourge says:

    And with your WoW Insider link today you should set your new visit record. I know when I was linked I picked up an extra thousand hits for the day.

    I know that’s how I found you.

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