Guild: Electronic Pat on the Back

With the downing of Malygos last night, My guild, Bucklers of Swash, has fully progressed through all of the Tier 7 10 man content.  This is quite an achievement, as we cleared the whole tier by the time that we had stated we were going to have raiding started by.

Initially, I had wanted the guild raiding by January 1st.  Some members had some concerns that they wouldn’t have the time over the holidays to level and gear up their toons.  So we moved the date to early February.  That’s when we realized that between Valentines Day, the scheduled due date for two of our officer’s (yes they’re married) new son, and my father’s wedding that it might be best to postpone official raids until February 28th.

February 28th.  LOL.  We had 10 DPS players ready to go midway through December, and over the holidays we got enough people ready to raid.  So we ventured into Naxx as a guild for the first time on Jan. 9th.  By the 17th we had learned and downed everything but Frostwyrm Lair, which would fall on the 1st of February.  We already took care of Obsidian Sanctum with a 1 shot victory on the 25th of January, and as I said before Malygos last night.

So, since my guildies occasionally drop by here, I just want to use this post as a shout out to the all of the behind the scenes effort that takes place to get these.  To our tanks, thanks for being prepared and geared, if you’re not getting your face beat on, we are.  To our healers, I’m sorry that the first two wings of Naxx are boring, but great job on adjusting from that to the constant damage of Sapphiron.  To the DPS, I loved one shotting Patchwerk the first time with 17k raid DPS, keep up the good work.

On a side note, we’re recruiting.   If you’re playing Alliance on the Mug’thol server and are looking for a good group of people to play and raid with, drop us a line at our website.  We have a solid group of 15-20 people ready to do weekly 25 man progression, but we need that extra 5-10 people to make it a permanent reality.  We could really use ranged casters of all types (especially Druids and Warlocks), healers (Shaman/Paladin).  We will accept applications from other classes and specs, but those are our main needs at the moment.

– Sam

2 Responses to Guild: Electronic Pat on the Back

  1. Revix says:

    yea, that was deff the best moment in wow ever. seeing all 235762 of those mobs run at us as the gates opened was amazing.

  2. Lyndiana says:

    So, I’m a few weeks late to post on this (I have a good excuse!), thanks Sam for the e-high5 to Bucklers. And I have to say to Revix: “6 man Shade” pre-nerf. ‘Nuf said.

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