3.0.9 and your Rogue (Pt 2)

As promised, I did some testing last night to see how 3.0.9 would affect Assassination  DPS.  After my number crunching session on Monday evening, I had the following data for my 3.0.8 baseline:


And here are my 3.0.9 Results from last night:


Overall, this is a buff to Assassination DPS overall, but Mutilate is most definately nerfed.  How bad is the nerf?  Well, it depends….

The mutilate nerf didn’t hurt that bad, at my gear level.  At a higher gear level 30% extra bonus damage is going to hurt more.  Here’s why:

Let’s say that my mutilate hits for 1,000 (nice round number) on a non poisoned target.  If the target were poisoned we would get the extra damage bonus.  In 3.0.8 that would look like this:

1,000 (MutDmg) * 1.5 (50% bonus) = 1,500 Damage

In 3.0.9 it looks like this:

1,000 (MutDmg) * 1.2 (20% bonus) = 1,200 Damage, a loss of 300

That doesn’t hurt to bad, but if you’re used to your mutilate hitting for more, like 3,000, then it starts to hurt worse because the percentage doesn’t scale. This means that the more damage you do base, the more damage you’re losing because of this nerf:

3.08 :  3,000 * 1.5 = 4,500

3.0.9: 3,000 * 1.2 = 3,600, a loss of 900

Here’s some good news though:  Even though better gear means more lost damage from Mutilate, it also means more DPS increase from Hunger from Blood:

3.0.8   2,000 DPS * 1.09 (HfBx3) = 2,180 DPS

3.0.9 2,000 DOS * 1.15 (HfBx3) = 2, 300 DPS,  a buff of 120 DPS over 3.0.8

Additionally, there’s an increase in white DPS from Slice and Dice because of the same type of scaling, so in patch 3.0.9overall your DPS should increase, the rate  of increase getting better with gear.

– Sam

One Response to 3.0.9 and your Rogue (Pt 2)

  1. Aeltyr says:

    While I like how they buffed HfB and SnD, it also means that should HfB drop for whatever reason (it can happen!) you really lose out on a lot of damage, same with Slice and Dice.

    More incentive to perfect keeping them up I guess, but a random CC ability that makes you drop them can seriously screw with your DPS.

    Still, more buffing done than nerfing I suppose, so we can’t complain too much 🙂

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