CAPS: Adventures in Chat

Welcome to the first edition of CAPS: Adventures in Chat.  I will be posting a CAPS entry every other Thursday.  The purpose of this bi-weekly post is to point out some interesting or funny thing that I have found in my chatbox from the random people on my server.  I’m aiming for the funnier side of things,  and it’s a bonus if the person speaks in all caps.

Today’s CAPS comes to us from Sholzaar Basin, where I was farming leather and looking for Loq (Spirit Beast) on my Hunter.  I do this a few times a week before I go to work, as my server is heavily populated, and there are less people on early in the morning.  I had been looking for someone else’s conversation to put up for this post, but I had a nice chat with a Death Knight…


How random.  Another player that doesn’t even know me offering to help me in my search.  That’s not something that I see a whole lot of these days.  I’ll occasionally go out of my way to help someone else, I’m just not used to other people doing it. 


He actually took the time to Thottbot the spawn points too, and he even has a Hunter alt.  It’s a shame he doesn’t like playing it though.  So I pressed for some more information.


Rotrobber.  Lol.  I’m defending the awesomeness of the Hunter class because of my pet and this guy deflates my argument with Rotrobber (I actually did laugh).  He’d go on to talk about the OPness of Paladins and how he pwns everyone else, but a Paladin got in on the conversation and it died.  Oh well.

Anyway, I can totally understand where this guy is coming from.  I really enjoy playing my Hunter, but I’m a Rogue at heart.  I feel more engaged in the battle from a melee perspective than I do from ranged. 

Until next time, I’ll be scouring the chat in Dalaran looking for something funny; maybe I’ll catch someone with the fresh Idea to post “ANAL [Ability]” for the next CAPS edition. 

– Sam

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