Upcoming Posts

I’ve got some posts in the works that I’d like to get out of the draft area and published this week.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come later this week:

1.)  CAPS – Adventures in the Chat Box

When I was at my conference last week, this idea popped into my head.  Some fairly interesting things pop up in my chat box from the various channels I’m in.  I figure this to be a weekly or bi-monthly post with commentary of the crazy stuff said in chat; if it’s in CAPS, that’s just a bonus.

2.) Assassination Rogue: How to Spec and Play

The Combat post has generated hundreds of hits, but its not the spec I’m currently playing, nor is it the highest DPS rogue spec.  Due to the extra complexity of Assassination, I might have to split this into two or even three posts.  No one likes being assaulted by walls of text.

3.) Maximizing your DPS as a BM Hunter

I just hit 80 on my Hunter this weekend, and even though I have decent gear, I was struggling to maintain 1300 DPS.  After the nerf, BM feels lousy.  We’re expecting a buff at some point to bring the DPS back.  My hunter, being an alt that I don’t plan on raiding with a lot, isn’t exactly a top priority for a respec to survival right now, so I’m going to play with some gear, spec and rotations to see the best DPS I can pull out.

There’s more in the works too, but I figure those three posts will keep me busy for the better part of the week.

– Sam

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