10 Man Naxx Cleared

Just a quick shout out to the Bucklers of Swash for clearing all of 10 man Naxxramus for the first time yesterday.  The only bosses that gave us any issues in the progression phase were Four Horsemen, and Sapphiron.  Most bosses were done the first or second time we encountered them, and only Razuvious and Kel’Thuzzad took three attempts to learn.

Sapphiron is the hardest fight in my opinion, and if your guild hasn’t downed it, I recommend getting 2 pieces of frost resist gear crafted per raid member.  If you do this, and you have a paladin with frost resist aura up, you will drastically reduce the amount of damage your healers have to heal through.  I have heard that the number of healers available to a 25 man group make the 25 man encounter much easier, but with only 3 healers, mana regen becomes an issue.  Bottom line, craft the gear, avoid as much damage as possible, and he will go down.

Anyway, we’ve just Malygos to go.  Plans are in the works to get a 25 man group going, and hopefully our experience in the 10 man content will make the 25 man content that much easier.

– Sam

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