How (not) to: Loot Master

I logged on yesterday, and a good friend from my guild told me that the 25 man Obsidian Sanctum group he was in needed 1 more DPS.  He had them save the spot for me as I logged off Anabelle and onto Samuel.

As far as the raid goes, it was very smooth.  The entire raid was a one shot, and I was four Emblems of Valor richer.  However, after Sartharion went down, the trouble began, as the raid watched the Master Looter award himself the Large Satchel of Spoils, and another member of his guild one of the tier 7 tokens.

This came as a complete shock to the rest of the raid, as it wasn’t discussed prior to raiding.  I might have understood if it was their guild’s raid, but this was a full blown pug raid.  Even better, this is not where the story ends. 

Pancakes (not his real name), the Master Looter dumped the job on someone else and left; eventually I got passed the job.  If you are unfamiliar with how Master Looter works, it doesn’t matter if you are the current ML, if you weren’t the ML when the boss was downed (might even be engaged, I’m not sure), you can’t distribute the loot, only they can.

So there’s 3 pieces of loot left on the boss, and about 8 of us stay with an open ticket up to solve the problem.  We Finlay got Pancakes (again, not the real name) to come back to distribute the remaining loot.  This is when we got an even better glimpse of the character of this individual, and boy was he a gem.

Did he come back in attempt to try and make it right with those of us that stayed in the instance?  Of course not.  This guy came back to try and get money out of us.  That’s right he demanded money for the loot.  Would I pay a few hundred gold for Tier 7 hands from a vendor?  Probably.  Will I give it to a ninja that’s trying to scam people into paying him?  Hell no.  I updated my ticket, left Wyrmrest and logged on Anabelle to tank some heroics.  On a lighter, happier note, my wife is now the proud owner of a bronze drake mount. /cheer

While farming this morning, I talked to a GM this morning and my ticket has been escalated.  I don’t really care about the loot, but I’d like to see this guy get a substantial ban, as I’m sure he’s violated several parts of the EULA with his actions yesterday.  I’ll keep you updated when I know more.


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