Anabelle, The Argent Champion


Anabelle Jenkins

One of my goals since the Achievement system was introduced was to acquire the title “Argent Champion” for my paladin.  This requires exalted status with both the Argent Dawn and the Argent Crusade.  I had worked Argent Dawn rep by running Stratholme, and the Scourge Invasion event.  I finally reached exalted status with the Argent Crusade this past weekend, and received my title.  Leeroy may have been a Paladin, and Anabelle Jenkins sure fit nicely, but this title means a lot more to me.


I have been spending more time on Anabelle than Samuel since the beginning of December in an effort to help my guild.  At the beginning of December the guild had 10 level 80 characters, and they were all DPS.  After hitting 80, I immediately began to work on my gear, with the focus being my tanking set.

We decided when our first Naxxramus would be, and I made sure Anabelle was ready with gear to tank.  Our warrior tank had pugged Naxx a few times and had better gear than I did, so I told him the job of Main Tank was his if he wanted it.  He accepted, and has been a stellar performer at the job.  I was going to off tank, or so I thought.

Two of my guildmates busted their hind quarters to hit 80 by the time of the raid.  One was a healer, the other a Paladin tank.  I already knew that the healer would be needed, but there was no need for another tank.   When I learned that the Paladin tank had taken the time to have crafted gear ready for him upon hitting 80, giving him close to the same stats I had, I gave him my tanking spot.

I still went to the raid on Anabelle instead of Sam.  The other paladin has no interest in healing gear, and I know how rare spell plate drops can be, so I decided that I should take Anabelle.  The only problem with the scenario is that we already had three healers (all priests), and two tanks.  My solution: respec Ret and only roll on healing gear.  I only took pieces that were plate or unneeded by other people, and stayed away from the tanking and DPS gear.

This turned out to be a wise decision, as I was needed to heal for the second part of the Naxx Raid.  I respecced holy, and healed away.  Knowing that two healers would be useless in a heroic group (my wife being the other), and I’d likely have to DPS in our next raid, I went back Ret, and I haven’t respecced since.  In the mean time, I’ve put together a healing set that’s better than my tanking gear, and a dps set that’s as good as my tanking set.  Had I stayed Prot and not given the other tank my spot, I would have received two pieces of gear, instead of the many I’ve picked up.  Loot Karma is a funny thing.



– Sam

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