How to: Halls of Lightning – Loken

If you just want the strategy, it’s at the end.  If you’re not currently in the instance wiping on Loken, the extra information is worth the read (and will likely keep you from wiping).

Out of all of the 5 man Wrath bosses, Loken seems to wipe more groups than any of the others.  The problem with Loken isn’t that he’s hard; the problem with him is that most people do not understand the strategy, or how to impliment it, to beat him. 

Loken is a positioning exercise, like Murmur was in Shadow Labyrinth.  It is intended to prepare players by teaching them the skills they will need for later encounters in the raiding game. 

With a geared enough group, it is possible to AoE Heal through all of his abilities and treat him as a tank and spank.

How does Loken kill people?  Let’s look at his abilities.  Other than his melee attack, he has 3 abilities: Pulsing Shockwave, Arc Lightning, and Lightning Nova.

  • The Lightning Nova is an AoE lightning effect that has a circular area of effect.
  • Pulsing Shockwave is an aura that does increasing amounts of damage the farther you are from Loken.
  • Arc Lightning is a Chain Lightning type spell.

Anyone who has fought Loken knows that these abilities need to be avoided, but not everyone knows how.  Today I’m going to teach you how to take as little damage as possible, and how to explain to others to do the same thing. 

There are basically 2 rules to this fight that, if followed, will allow you to down Loken with a minimal amount of stress.

Rule #1

Loken’s Pulsing Shockwave Aura will kill you if you stand at range.  This ability does more damage to you the farther you stand from Loken.  If he is not using his Lightning Nova, you should be in Melee Range (or just barely outside if you are a hunter).  The easiest way to accomplish this is to put a raid mark on the tank and stack on them.  Note that this will make your entire group susceptible to the Arc Lightning, but out of the three abilities, it is the least likely to wipe your group.

Rule #2

When Loken begins to cast Lighting Nova, turn around and run away as a group. But, do not run too far.  This one piece of information is the one thing that is left out of most explanations and wipes your group.  When Loken casts his Lightning Nova, there is a circular pulse on the ground that you can watch for, showing you the range of this attack.  Stand about 5 yards outside of the circle and you’re golden.  If you leave within a second of the spell cast, you should have 2 seconds of time after you stop before the attack actually hits.  After he casts his attack, you can simply wait for him to come to you.  You will want to do this entire manuver as a group, so put a raid mark on a reliable group member, and have the group stay with them.

Note: If someone actually eats the Lightning Nova in your group claiming lag as an excuse, they’re either having 2+ second lag (not likely), or didn’t react fast enough to avoid the attack (more likely).

– Loken Strategy –

Instructions for the fight:

  1. The tank will aggro Loken and tank him where he stands.  All group members should stack on the tank.
  2. DPS the boss as hard as possible, until Loken uses Lightning Nova.  Healers keep everyone alive and as close to full health as possible.
  3. When Loken uses Lightning Nova, all group members should run just beyond its range and wait.  I suggest following the line on the floor.  Loken will come back to you after this ability.  It is not worth finishing a cast (dps or heal) before running; just go.
  4. Repeat from step 2 until the boss dies.

Tank Expectations

  • Mitigate as much damage as possible
  • Hold Threat
  • Don’t eat a Lightning Nova

Healer Expectations

  • Keep yourself and the tank alive
  • Top off the DPS as best you can
  • Don’t eat a Lightning Nova

DPS Expectations

  • Let the tank establish threat
  • After the first Lightning Nova, do the most burst damage you can
  • Don’t eat a Lightning Nova

Basically, if you can keep from eating the Lightning Novas, and move as a group, this fight is actually easier than many other fights in Wrath.  Coordination is the key, though.

– Sam

2 Responses to How to: Halls of Lightning – Loken

  1. Pàndora says:

    hey Sam!
    thanks for this guide. I know you posted this awhile back. I just healed for this instance during a random, and was wondering what I could do to avoid everyone losing massive health. Fortunately my heals were adequate and no one died but I had a bunch of red bars. Thanks for your tip 🙂

  2. Samueltempus says:

    Yea… it can be easily healed through these days, but a year and a half ago, it would wipe a group. Glad to hear it wasn’t too much trouble.

    – Sam

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