2009: The Break is Over

It certainly has been a while, almost a month, since my last post.  With the New Year here and my vacation over, it’s time to get back to work.  I probably could have  spent some time blogging over the break, but the time away to just play and relax was nice.  In my own defense, I did end up celebrating Christmas seven different times between my family, my wife’s family, and our own.

Here’s a recap of what’s been going on in game with me:

  • Samueltempus has logged maybe 4 hours since my last post, as I haven’t really had any reason to play him.  He exists for Alchemy at the moment, as Rogues are a dime a dozen, and my wife only likes to go to heroics when I tank….oh well.
  • Anabelle is 80, has 23.6k unbuffed health, is crit immune, has over 40% pure avoidance, and can block anything else with holy shield up.  I also spend a lot of time on her farming  ore and eternals while I’m forming heroic groups, or waiting for someone else to.  In a related story, my wife says she doesn’t like it when she’s healing other priest and the tank dies, but it “doesn’t bother her as much if I die.”   kthx, lol.
  • Moghann, my hunter, is now level 76.  It turns out, that enough people need tanks and healers, that I can be leveling my hunter, and through the magic of the Looking for Group channel, end up tanking a heroic at a moment’s notice.  Also, after getting the epic flyer on Anabelle, I dropped mining on Mog, and picked up leatherworking, leveling it to 428 already.  Currently, I’m in Sholzar questing, and looking for my Spirit Beast.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season,

– Sam

One Response to 2009: The Break is Over

  1. Lyndiana says:

    “But honey, you’re so strong!”
    “You are going to die!”
    “It’s ok, I’ll rezz you.”


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