Anabelle: Epic Flight and Ho Ho Ho


 6,000g is a lot of money to spend, but this weekend I finally  bought Anabelle’s epic flying skill.  The pros of being able to level faster and have both herbalism and mining at epic speed were just too good to ignore.  I could have bought an epic gryphon, but I decided to turn my flying machine into a turbo-charged flying machine instead.

Yesterday was the beginning of Winter Veil Seasonal event.  A good friend and I went and soloed the Mage boss in Nexus twice and got our santa hats.  A note to the wise:  if you are going to do this with a paladin and a warrior, the paladin had better have gear that makes them not take damage, or you probably want to use healing gear and just heal. 


If my gear looks a little miss matched, it’s because i had left my healing gear in the bank, and used what odds and ends I could find to heal.  At least I don’t look half as ridiculous as my friend Trogdor.

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