Anabelle Dings 78

I’m still trying to get used to the iPhone for writing posts. The computer is still my prefered method for writing posts, but since this is with me wherever I go, I might as well get used to using it for posting.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, Anabelle, my Paladin had a fun weekend, with her most recent achievement of dinging 78. I also dropped 6k+ gold on epic and cold weather flying, which allowed me to get my mining maxed out.

I tanked a few instances, and I’m noticing that my gear is starting to lose its effectiveness. Healing and dps is still pretty easy, but I’m starting to take significantly more damage when tanking. Hopefully there are some upgrades on the horizon.

When I get home and back to my desktop, I’ve hot some pics of Anabelle on her new flying mount that i’d like to post. In a related story, It’s really nice to have epic flying to gather for both mining and herbalism.


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