Leveling an Alt: The No-Healer Heroic Blues

Ah the good old days are back again.  I used to wait around in Shattrath when trying to get into a heroic group.  Just change the scene to Dalaran, and you’ve got my typical time on Samuel.

The main issue with just being in the LFG channel is that many people send just as many if not more requests for groups in Trade chat.  To have any chance of finding a healer in a (relatively) timely manner, you really have to be in a major city.

I would still like to finish Icecrown, as well as Storm Peaks Sholazar Basin and Zul’Drak, but at the same time, I want to be in heroic groups as well.  During the week, my playtime is limited, so if I run off to quest I am nearly guaranteed to miss out on Heroic Opportunities.  On the other hand, if I just sit in the city, I’m wasting time.

What’s a Rogue to do?

Level their alts!  I logged on my Paladin and got to work.  I completed most of the Fizzlecrank Airstrip questlines, while waiting for a group for Utgarde Keep.  I ran that twice, and Nexus once, and I’m 50% through 72.  Unless I’m pulled away by a guildie to DPS something, I’m going to spend the weekend working on leveling my Paladin.

My goal for the weekend is to reach level 74, but I realistically think that 75+ isn’t out of the question.  That would catch me up with my wife’s priest.  I’m sure it would thrill her if I spent some time helping her level.

I’m still going to break down Assassination, and do some serious number crunching.  Hopefully I’ll get that done this weekend.  I’ll do my best to have that post done next week, but I like to put some extra effort into those posts.  People tend to actually read those, so they need a little more substance than my other, more random, musings.

– Sam

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