Scenes from Northrend


Howling Fjord.  This might replace my current desktop picture.

Sam is 74, and I haven’t written a lot since I got the expansion loaded.  I figured I needed to send something your way, so I thought I’d take a post and show you some of my screenshots from Northrend.  I’ll keep the comments at a minimum, as Blizzard’s amazing artwork says more for itself that I could hope to describe.  I will say that I might be replacing my current desktop wall paper with the above picture from Howling Fjord.


– Borean Tundra –

departure valiance

Riding the boat from Stormwind, and Valiance keep.  I love that blizz added working lighthouses; they really add to the whole feel of the area.

babymurloc murlocsuit

The quest Oh Noes! the Tadpoles is one of my favorite so far.  It would be a travesty for Blizzard to not release a baby murloc non combat pet.   In other news, speaking Murloc is almost as much fun as running around in a murloc suit.


mechagnome dragonwarrior

I’m glad Blizz got into some Gnomish lore; we really haven’t seen a lot since Gnomer.  Over in Coldarra, I found out that getting to fly on a dragon is better than any quest reward, even if only one person on the server can finish the quest at a time.  If you’ve done this quest, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

– Howling Fjord –

fjordflying flamingarrow

There’s a lot of ways to get around Howling Fjord.  These would be my favorite so far.  Flying machines and Flaming arrows FTW!

ashbringer giantelevator

Legendary weaponry anyone? If you want to know how Highlord Tirion Fordring ended up with the Ashbringer, roll a deathknight.  The elevator that I’m on my not be legendary, but its size is epic.

– Dragonblight –

futureme1 frostmourne

Need a hand when helping the Bronze Dragonflight?  Just call on your future self.  Also, if you want to see a very important scene from Warcraft III, this would be the region to go to.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at some of my favorite places in Northrend.  Enjoy your leveling. 🙂

– Sam

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