Wrath Incoming and Actual Rogue Content

Wrath hits in less than 3 days at this point, and I hope everyone is ready.  I know I am.  I cannot wait to hop on that boat to Borean Tundra and start questing in Northrend (this time for real experience).

What this means for the readers of this little blog is some actual content about Rogues.  I haven’t really played my main a considerable amount since I relaunched this blog, and it seems sad since the title clearly reflects that I play a rogue as my main.  If you’ve come here because of Hunter / Paladin content, don’t worry, I love those toons and I’ll still be posting about them.  I haven’t had as much time to post recently as I’d like.  If I can get back to posting once a day, I’ll be able to provide the same amount of content about the classes I have as alts, and still post more about my Rogue.

– Sam

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