Paladin – Live DPS, Argent Dawn, and the Scourge Invasion

**Disclaimer**  I have not taken my paladin into Arena, as I am normally a tank on her.  Nothing in this post deals with, or attempts to deal with Ret Paladin Arena Viability.  This post simply states my observations in Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, and Karazhan.

As a Paladin, I have to admit that Retribution DPS was overpowered.  We’ve been nerfed and hotfixed severaltimes, and I wanted to know how that has affected our PvE DPS.  My true PvE test came in Karazhan, where I’ve been topping the damage meter since 3.0.2 came out (while off tanking Moroes and Netherspite).  But before we get to that, here are some PvP observations I had this weekend while I was farming for my Vindicator’s DPS Bracers.  In other related gearing news, I picked up an Arcanite Ripper, and Trollbane this weekend.


– PvP Observations –

Battlegrounds on a Ret Paladin are fun.  I ran Warsong six times and AV twice, one of which was a turtle.  Alliance usually is terrible at Warsong, but we split 3 with the Horde on Saturday.  I might add that on one of those wins I threw on tanking gear and successfully ran the flag twice.  I held my own against most classes, felt fairly balanced, except against mages.  I remember killing a mage twice.  I remember dying to them in excess of 20 times.  I noticed for the first time that arcane missiles, like drain life continues to follow you even if you leave line of sight.

Basically I found that if all of my abilities were ready to use, I had mana, I could stay in range, and nothing was used that could negate or heal through my damage, I could win any fight in about 10 seconds.  That being said, If any one of those things wasn’t the case, I couldn’t guarentee a victory, and often lost. 


– PvE Observations –

Recount Data – Karazhan 11/1/08

The above stats are from our Kara this weekend.  We’re loving the nerf with the 8k raid dps and the 1 hour 40 minute raid time.  Anabelle was DPS with the exception of Moroes, Netherspite, and the Skeletal Ushers before Opera.  The mage at #2 is geared as well, if not better than us, and took the blue beam on Netherspite.  Also note that at a solid #3 is our other Maintankadin.  Btw, we used less than 20 mana biscuits, and most of those were used to top our mana off from 70% or so.

I won’t lie.  Part of our success was in the group make up. I wish I had run a WWS to find out just how much my DPS was helped by the other 9 members: Prot Paladin, Feral Druid, Enhancement Shaman, a Hunter, Fire Mage, 2 Shadow Priests, 2 Holy priests.  As far as buffs for me, that’s pretty amazing.  What’s crazy is that we’ve run with 4 priests for two weeks in a row, and the only shackles you’ll find in our raid happen on the Skeletal Ushers before the Opera event.

Paladin DPS is still good, though not all of the fixes are in live at the moment.  Group makeup had a good deal to do with my damage, as did the fact that mana is still very much a non issue at the moment.  To be honest, I was 2% ahead of the mage before an infernal landed on my head ruining our of an enfeeble on Prince, so its entirely possible that even without the buffs I might have squeaked by on top.  Regardless, compared to the PvE Damage pre 3.0, I’m in a much better place now.  When dual specs come out, I’ll be going Prot / Ret and healing out of my Ret Spec with Holy gear as needed.


 – Argent Dawn & Scourge Invasion –

As of Saturday morning, Anabelle is exalted with the Argent Dawn, so half of my rep grind for the Argent Champion title is done.  In the process of grinding the rep, I was helping one of the guild’s officers run Stratholme for Baron’s Deathcharger, I got a couple thousand rep, and his warrior has an amazing looking mount.  I finished out the rest of my grind gathering Scourgestones while doing the Scourge Invasion events with the Necropoli.  In the process, we got my brother’s somewhat abandoned Rogue (sound familiar?) main 4 pieces of epic leather gear, I picked up 3 pieces of the gear, and the three trinkets.  My favorite of which is the trinket we call the Pocket Paladin, or Pockadin for short.  The best part is that he bubble Hearths when he leaves.  Sorry for the terribad picture, I should have zoomed in.




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