How to tame Uvuros

I’ve received more incoming traffic in the last few days with people looking for a way to tame Uvuros than I’ve seen since I launched this site.  Apparently Uvuros is more popular than Inscription.  Don’t worry though, I tamed him last night, and I’m going to share with you how to pull it off yourself.  It’s not very difficult if you bring the right help (thanks Lyndiana and Yithict).


Grab the nearest available Priesty friend.  The Priest is going to perform two roles for you in the taming process, Fear Ward, and Renew.  Someone suggested I use a Shaman with a tremor totem, but Uvuros’ fear would still go off and break the channeling before it kicked in.

I’m sure you noticed in the picture that I also had a feral druid on hand that wanted to help.  You don’t need to have anyone else beyond the priest, but I wasn’t going to complain about the extra HoT.

The Process:

Before you start the process of taming, you need to throw some shots Uvuros’ way to gain some aggro (5k should be sufficient).  After you have established aggro, have the Priest throw the fear ward on you and begin the tame.  The Priest needs to throw a renew on you often enough to keep you alive, but make sure they do not pull aggro.  That would stop the channeling of tame beast, and probably get you a dead Priest.  Aggro was less of an issue with my group as I had a second “healer,” which is something you might want to consider having.

If everything is done properly, you can enjoy your brand new Lvl 70 Core Hound Pet after about 30 seconds of work.  If you have any questions, feel free to throw them in a comment, and I’ll get back to you.

– Sam


25 Responses to How to tame Uvuros

  1. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    Any differences between him and other core hounds?

  2. samueltempus says:

    He’ll be level 70 when you get him. The next best thing would be a Spawn of Uvuros, which would be a level 69. All other core hounds in game would be level 65 upon taming.

    I do like Uvuros, but my favorite skin is the one on Azuremist Isle. I think the ones from Molten Core also look pretty cool. I’ll probably keep Uvuros, as he’s arguably the hardest to get, but part of me really wants to grab one from MC. I don’t think I’ll be traveling to Azuremist, as it seems to be the most popular, and I like doing my own thing.

  3. Rev says:

    ‘healer’ i like that

  4. Fredrik says:

    So there wont be a hp/damage/attack dif if I choose the spawns instead of the orginal ursius?

  5. samueltempus says:

    Nope. They are exactly the same, assuming you take the time to level the pet to 70. Really the only two reasons to tame Uvuros are to have a level 70 pet the instant you tame him, and also the satisfaction of taking the time to tame him instead of the easy to tame spawn.

    If either of those reasons are worth it to you, then go for Uvuros, if not, just get a spawn, as I said, it’ll be exactly the same.

  6. hahahaha says:

    The only real difference is that the screen shakes for the people near you and when u use bestial wrath it becomes much bigger

  7. samueltempus says:

    I didn’t know there was a size difference in beastial wrath, my question being which is bigger under BW, Uvuros or the spawn? Also, they’re removing the screen shake from the pets.

  8. slaskede says:


  9. Strelok says:

    He is Immune to fear

  10. Ruahine says:

    I just went to tame Uvuros today (July 22nd 2009) ant get the message “Beast is not tameable” – that is so sad.

  11. Kelenia says:

    I tamed him today. Aug 16, 2009

  12. powain says:

    i dont undertand how you can say they are the same, unvuros stats are way higher than the spawns

  13. Samueltempus says:

    Hunter pets don’t retain their actual mob stats. The type of mob they are determines their pet stats. So, if you’re 80 and tame Uvuros, a spawn, or a Molten Core Hound, they’ll all rank up to level 75 and have the exact same stats.

    – Sam

  14. Freedom says:

    With a priest is enoughto get it, this is how I did it:
    1)Priest puts fear ward, renew and shield on me.
    2)Priest inmediately after finishing step 1, mount and fly far from there.
    3)At the same time I start channeling tame and wait patiently.

    This metod worked just fine for me, I didn’t die, and I manage to tame him at the first try.
    Hope this helps.

  15. Khazy says:


    Managed to tame him with the only help being a lvl 67 druid (and me being lvl 71)

    Our main problem was that I constantly got feared after a very few seconds into taming process (this happend many times, in a dejavu like pattern.) It was so fustrating!…(*very bad words!*) hehe 🙂

    TIPS: – So, if u don’t have a priest at hand to cast fear ward, to avoid being feared while taming him…
    1) Do some damage to him, keeping aggro away from the healer
    2) Wait for him to cast the “fearing spell”
    3) Start the taming as soon as the fear wears off

    (by following this tips…I assume that the two-headed freek has the “fearing spell” on a “cooldown”, giving you just enough time to tame him without getting feared)

    *only trick left is for the healer to keep healing you without getting aggro, esp while you are feared and when you ar taming.

    Hope this helps, and thx for all the other tips here.
    good luck! b(-.-)

  16. Kalvor says:

    I just got him tonight (2-12-10) and didn’t have a priest available, so we used a shaman.. he kept fearing me as mentioned, but we kept trying and when it did work it was worth it..

    1) shaman put healing stream totem, Wrath of air totem and a couple others..
    2)shaman cast chain heal until he got ancestral fort, and riptide to proc
    3) he put earth shield on me
    4)I casted Beserk (troll hunter here)
    5)Shaman casted Bloodlust
    6)casted tame pet
    7)success.. 🙂

  17. zack says:

    i tried to tame but it says creature not tameable. what do i do?

  18. Patrick says:


    Every time i try to tame uvuros it says ” this beast is not tameable’ idk what to do. can some one plz help me out?

  19. Anonymous says:

    You need to get beast mastery in the BM tree in order to tame him. he’s exotic.

  20. najey says:

    nice ill try it, but wouldn’t hibernation druid spell work?

  21. Jareth says:

    If you don’t have a priest or healer available, I was able to tame uvuros solo. Approaching to him from behind, I placed a Snake trap behind him, Then pulled him across the trap , immediately ceasing attacking. allowing the snakes to take the aggros from their attacks, he started to attack them, and used his fear on the snakes. This allowed me to start taming him soon as the last snake died, and avoided his fear. I will say, this method, you will want over 15000 health to do it and survive. I was able to finish the taming, with a whole 200 health left. It was close, but worth being able to do it solo 😉

    Jareth – Night Elf hunter

  22. Stormzor says:

    Used the tip above, Im level 70 with 9338 health and did it solo. I chucked a trap under him, he feared the snakes, then he did his breath thing, then I started to tame him. Worked on the second try as the first go he used his breath on me.

    There was a lvl 80 hunter there who had just tamed him and watched me die a few times trying without the snakes haha, bet he thought I didnt have a chance 😀

  23. Anonymous says:

    No need for help with this. I used my gorilla pet to attack then as Uvuros was casting fear on him I dismissed my pet right after he got feared then I proceeded to tame Uvuros with no problems.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I tamed him last night. im lvl 70. 1/28/11. I soloed it. simply just tamed him took three tries and he didnt fear the third time and i got him.

  25. Anonymous says:

    First try, done…lvl 70 hunter 7/1/11

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