Well, the 3.0.2 patch is upon us.  It still broke my UI, despite my best efforts to be prepared.  I’ll get to work on that tomorrow.  People seem to be genuinely excited to log on, and I keep getting guild messages of achievements everyone is getting.  Overall, I think that my guild will start recruiting again soon now that the player base is more energetic, and start working toward getting our core raid team ready for the expansion.


I leveled inscription, and it took significantly less time to follow my guide than it did to make it.  I watched the server like a hawk, and logged on the instant it was up.  I was the only person at the Hellfire trainer, so I was one of the first people on my server to start training it.  I have a ridiculous amount of leftover herbs that I plan on selling in a few days when the supplies that people have built up start to dwindle.


The only character that I’ve had the time to talent out is my Paladin, Anabelle.  I’ve gone with a strong Retribution build that’s going to produce damage I haven’t seen on live yet.  Some of the guildies are running heroics this week, and a Karazhan this weekend.  I need the badges for a few more pieces of blue gear that I haven’t replaced, and to test out my new spec in a group environment.  I already know what it will do solo.

Time permitting, I’ll spec out my other toons, and finish leveling my Warlock.  The patch also brought speedy leveling from 60-70, so I might even be able to get that mage up to an acceptable level before Wrath.

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