Weekend in Review

I took care of a few loose ends in live this weekend, and loaded all of the patches to make beta current.  I had some real life obligations, so I didn’t get a ton of work done in beta, but the few hours I played were good fun.


Warlock  –

My warlock is now in level 60.  I spent some time on Friday farming up the gatherable and crafted items needed for my mount quest.  Saturday, I completed the other quests, and finished in Dire Maul with the help of my guildies.  After finishing the mount quest, I cleaned out my bank and bags, making room for all of my Herbs on my bank alt.  I sent every herb I had stored in my bank, and 1000g to my warlock.  I went to the beta site and went through the process to copy her over to the beta PvP server, Lich King.  Unfortunately, as of 7 A.M EDT today, she has yet to make it to the server.  As soon as she does, I’ll be leveling inscription and forming my own guide for you to use.


– Rogue

I threw some talent points into combat mainly, with a slight dab into the other two trees, and had a passable spec.  I still haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do spec wise, but it doesn’t matter as the trees aren’t set in stone at the moment.  Anyway, I went to Stormwind Harbor, and took a boat to Borean Tundra.  I trained all of my professions to Grand Master Level, and spent about an hour questing.  The 51 point talent is neat, but with a 3 minute cooldown, it’s not particularly useful, excepting the occasional high HP mob, or large group of mobs.  Largely, killing things was about the same as it is in live, the notable exception being that I’m actually taking damage from things again, as I’m not in a raid behind a tank or farming level 64 mobs for mats.


– Hunter

I had already taken some time to plan out some of the finer points of my hunter’s spec, so putting the talent points in didn’t take too long.  I went 51/10/0, and flew to Shadowmoon Valley.  I failed multiple times at trying to tame Uvuros, due to the amount of damage he deals, his fear, and his immunity to freezing traps.  I’m pretty sure a priest with a fear ward and a prayer of mending plus some luck is the only way to tame him.  I settled for a Spawn of Uvuros, and was still quite happy with my new pet, who I named spike.  Spike and I will start bombing around Northrend in the next few days.


– Paladin

I had heard that Retribution DPS had been fixed, so I figured I’d give it a try.  I worked out a spec on the talent calculator that I thought might be fun and took it for a ride, in Hellfire Ramparts.  Not only was I doing ridiculous DPS that was just under what I expect out of my rogue, but many of the abilities heal me and replenish mana.  The regen was so good that I never even had to drink.  I wiped myself a few times on trash being overzealous, but the bosses were incredibly easy.  Expect a more in-depth review on paladin DPS soon.  I’ll also be taking a look at prot and how some of my tanking gear’s stats have been adjusted.  Although I do enjoy healing, especially solo healing Moroes, Holy will probably the last tree I try. 


– Sam

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