We Haz Core Hound

Edit:  We’ve tamed Uvuros in live.  How do you do it?  Click here.

Yup, as a 51 point Beast Master, you too can get yourself a cuddly puppy too.  This is a spawn of Uvuros from Shadowmoon Valley.  We wanted Uvuros himself, but we don’t know enough people in beta to help us get him. The best way I could figure out to tame Uvuros is to have a caster throw a few HoTs on us to live long enough to tame him, have them run away, and hope that he doesn’t fear.  If you’ve done it yourself, or have a better idea, let me know, I’m all about taming Uvuros if I can make it happen.

One Response to We Haz Core Hound

  1. trevor says:

    he is tamable but untameable
    i’ve tried with fear ward renew shield all do nothing to the dps he puts out fearward wears off only to get feared again before priest fearward is ready again
    tried with druid as soon as you heal you gain agro n die due to dps or at 80 you kill him which is a waste of time they dont want you taming him but you can but because they have removed so many pets from the beast master spec its easier to make him unable to be feared or trapped so you cant tame him so they can say well he is and your not doing it right
    as of feb 2010
    if you can do it your on a private sever or was able to get him before they started to remove pets to untamable or unable to tame
    there is also a but with tame beast ive found wheres beasts like this one will use up mana trying to tame him n fail constantly with no due cause of your own the tame will not work or stick it just drops off with out warning

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