Back in Beta – Plans for the weekend

I reached level 60 on the Warlock last night.  The grind from 58-60 only took about 3 hours and I ran Ramparts in the process, picking up the caster staff and ring.  Now I just have to complete the epic mount quest, and then I’ll be spending more time with the Beta. 

I’ve further increased my stockpile of herbs and I plan on transferring the Warlock over to the Beta server this weekend.  I’m going to attempt to level inscription with the mats I have, and provide some useful feedback to the blogging community.  I’ll keep records as I level the profession and see how my numbers match up to others I’ve seen on the internet, and report back here with my own findings.

I’ll be assessing the changes in my Rogue, Paladin, and Hunter as well.  My goal with the Rogue is to find a Combat spec I like, dipping into the other trees just enough to grab some necessities like Relentless Strikes.  For the Hunter, I plan on 51 points in BM, and will be figuring out exactly what pets I plan on using in the expansion, plus how to tame them. 

The paladin should be fun; I have epic Holy, Prot and Ret gear.  I plan on checking the questing DPS for all 3, but I’ll likely level Retribution for speed purposes.  If I find that Prot DPS is in fact much improved as I have read elsewhere, I may very well stay Protection.  If I can find a good hybrid Prot / Ret spec that would allow you to easily tank, and do good solo DPS, I’ll make sure to let you know.

– Sam

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