Warlock Progress

Well, I didn’t quite make it to my goal; I still need 95% of a level to reach 58. I spent a good deal of time doing things that weren’t leveling my warlock, and some of the time I spent leveling wasn’t very efficient. As per my previous post, Sunken temple is a waste of time if you’ve passed level 50. I will say that having a guildie tag along on her mage yesterday helped me gain 2.25 levels yesterday without losing my mind questing around Jadenar in the Felwood. Seriously, you have to head into the Shadow Hold 4 separate times for different quests, and it will be a fifth when I’m working on my epic mount.

Did you realize the warlock quest to go into Sunken Temple is a level 55 quest? Without help from a friend, the earliest you should do this quest is level 51. As I’ve already said, experience wise, it’s faster to level skipping Sunken Temple if you can’t get it in before you reach level 51. I can’t see why anyone would justify the time for this quest, when you’ll be replacing any one of the three items you can get from doing this quest in Hellfire Peninsula.

Real life obligations will prevent me from reaching 58 today, but I will reach it tomorrow. Hellfire should be completed sometime this weekend, and I’ll start working on the beta. Be sure to check back here a lot next week for Beta updates, as I will be posting about them frequently.

– Sam

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