Guild Composition

As we approach the expansion, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my guild, and what I’d like it to be in the expansion.  I’ve seen a trend recently of raiding server wide slowing down, which, I have to admit, was pretty much expected.  Also, people have been leaving their guilds, particularly members of extremely large guilds, and I see this as an opportunity:

I can rebuild my guild, Bucklers of Swash, from the ground up.

The guild still has a core of reliable players, and they aren’t going anywhere, but with the expansion, we will have an opportunity to be better than we were in Burning Crusade.  We should be up and raiding within a month of the launch of the expansion, and because of that, we won’t be as behind the other guilds on the server.

However, this opportunity comes with responsibility.  How, and more importantly who you recruit plays a significant role in both the survival of your guild and the content you can hope to master.  If you have any intention of being at all serious with your recruiting, you have to plan the how and who.


What will your recruiting strategy be? How, do you plan on showing people that their characters will have a good home in your guild, as opposed to someone else’s?  What tools will you use to get your message across?

Those are all very important questions that you should be asking yourself, if you want your guild to grow.  You need to know what your guild’s needs are, and any class and/or spec that can fill those needs.  Does this mean you shouldn’t try and recruit beyond your needs?  Of course not!  But, until you can fill your needs, your guild will still have to rely on players from outside the guild to accomplish it’s goals.  So, how can you find people, and how can you help people to find you?

One of the easiest ways to find people, is to instance with three other members of your guild, and leave an open spot for whatever you’re trying to recruit, and search for a person in the Looking for Group channel, or even Trade channel.  You can’t expect to find a great person every time, nor can you recruit everyone you find this way, but over time, you’ll find recruits this way.

Another recruiting tool is Trade chat, but it is a tool you have to use wisely.  You want to carefully word any message you put into trade chat, and you don’t want to spam the channel too often.  My advice would be to get your message written down, and then place it in a macro that you can press a few times when you’re in a city.  If your other officers have the same macro, make sure you’re not all spamming it at the same time.  Here’s an example:

/s Bucklers of Swash is looking for more players to fortify our 25 man raiding team.  Our raid days are X, Y, and Z, at K:30 server.  We are currently working on Boss J.  If you want more information visit our site @

Which brings me to my last recruiting tool.  If you want people to know about your guild, and have a good first impression of it, a well designed, easy to use, and visually attractive website helps.  Our site, is relatively easy to navigate and doesn’t use anything too fancy graphics wise.  It has sections for the members to use, and a section for non members to get information and apply. 


Before you invite someone into your guild, regardless of whether or not you have a need for them, you need to know if they are a good fit for your guild.  If your only motivation is progression at any cost, then you would soley recruit based on gear and ability, without regard to personality.  If however, you want to enjoy the game with less drama, you might recruit more on the grounds of personality.

I will be looking for a mix of the two in the expansion.  People who are motivated to perform, in a friendly environment.  I want successful raids where people are playing well, and having fun.  People in the guild should be able to joke and jab at the other members, and have good laughs, without being rude.  They also should be able to play their class well.  Unfortunately, some of the people that will want to join my guild are going to be total jerks, or hopeless noobs.  How can you figure out who these people are before they wreak havoc on your guild?

Once you determine the type of players you want in your guild, make note of it in your recruiting information.  If you use an application, make sure it includes questions that if answered properly give you insight into the person’s personality and playstyle.  Note that applications are not necessary, although they can be very useful; regardless, you, and at least 1 of your officers or trusted core members should do something in game with the player to get a clearer picture of who the person is.  This can be anything from a battleground to a raid, but make sure you can get an accurate assesment of the person in the process.


In conclusion, if you want your guild to thrive, you’re going to need a good plan to get there.  Make sure you know the kind of person you want in your guild, and target those people.  It isn’t always always easy, but the more preparation and time you put into doing it right, the greater the rewards.  Good Luck.

– Sam 

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