Enchants Pt 2- Enchanting on a Budget

This post is part two of a series, read part one here.

Getting gear properly gemmed and enchanting can cost a fortune in time and gold, and you should do that on epic gear that you’ll be using to raid or PvP.  But what about those pieces of gear that you might replace easily?  What about the pieces of green and blue gear that you have when you startraiding?  Is there a way to increase your performance without breaking the bank, or spending days farming?

These are all good questions that you might ask yourself when looking at a piece of gear.  In this post, I’ll show you how to enhance your gear with a little time and effort.  If you want to maximize your gear, well, let’s just say that post is coming soon.

***The examples I’m about to give will be out of date in a month or so, but the principles will still be sound.

You have 10 items that currently can be enchanted if you’re not an Enchanter, 12 if you are:  Head, Back, Shoulders, Chest, Bracers, Hands, Legs, Boots, Weapon(s), Ranged Weapon, Rings (Enchanter Only)

For this post’s purposes, we’re going to use a hunter as an example.  Here are some cheap enchants you can get that will up your survivability or damage:

Head – Knothide Armor Kit (+8 Stamina)

Back – Greater Agility (+12 agility)

Shoulders – Honored Aldor (+24 Attack Power) or Scryer (+13 Crit Rating) Inscription

Chest – Knothide Armor Kit (+8 Stamina)

Bracers – Assault (+24 Attack Power)

Legs – Clefthide Armor Kit (+ 30 Stamina and 10 Agility)

Hands – Assault (+26 Attack Power)

Feet – Knothide Armor Kit (+8 Stamina)

2H Weapon – Savagery (+70 Attack Power)

Ranged Weapon – Adamantite Scope (+10 Weapon DPS)


Combined Stat Increases:  +54 Stamina, 22 Agility, 144 Attack Power, 10 Weapon DPS (Aldor)

As a hunter, this would roughly be an increase of 50-100 DPS and at least 540 Health.

Total Required Mats

Leatherworking– 18 Knothide Leather, 4 Heavy Knothide Leather, 8 Thick Clefthoof Leather

All of these mats can be farmed as (or with) a skinner in Nagrand.  Estimated time: 30-45 Minutes

Enchanting – 52 Arcane Dust, 4 Large Prismatic Shards

If you are not an enchanter, either use 4 stocked Large Prismatic Shards or shatter 2 Void Crystals from instances/raids.  Buy the Arcane Dust (or the Large Prismatic Shards if you don’t have them).  Estimated time: 5 minutes

Mining– 8 Adamantite Bars, 2 Golden Draenite

Mine them yourself if you can, if not ask a friend to mine them, or buy them on the Auction House.  If you or a friend don’t have the gems stocked, check the Auction House Estimated time – 20 minutes

Primals – 1 Primal Air, 4 Primal Earth

Kill the Air Elementals in Nagrand while you’re farming leather.  If that doesn’t get you a primal, keep killing them, it won’t take long.  Primal Earth is easy to come by; miners have tons of it, and it’s very cheap on the Auction House.  Estimated Time: 0-15 minutes (on top of farming leather)

Other– 2 Arcane Tomes or 2 Fel Armaments

If you’ve already turned some in and you have 2 of the item that you get in exchange you’re set.  Otherwise, farm them off mobs, or buy them on the Auction House.  Estimated time: 0 – 30 minutes.

It is feasable to farm most of these mats easily, especially if you have a Leatherworker and Miner at your disposal (My hunter is both).  Assuming you can farm everything but the Arcane Dust, you can easily get these enchants done for around 50 gold, with a few hours work

–  Sam

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