Weekend Warlock and Other Updates

On Friday my warlock was sitting at level 43, 0% experience earned.  As of this morning, she’s in level 48 with 70% already earned.  That’s 5.7 levels in about 2 days.  That might not sound too terribly impressive, but in that time, I also Main Tanked a Karazhan, downed the BRD Brewfest Boss at least 20 times (the kodo dropped one of those times, no we didn’t win it, or you would have already heard about it), and dropped my personal arena rating just enough to not be able to get my Brutal Gladiator’s Pants on my Rogue.  When you add in real life commitments, like celebrating my wife’s birthday, and the watching of some football, 5.7 levels sounds pretty good.

The warlock is sitting at just under 4 days played, and 15 days ago, I hit level 30.  Here’s some of the things that I was doing this weekend to level efficiently:

1.)  I ran Uldaman on level. 

The tank was my paladin friend, one of the dps was another altaholic friend on his elemental shaman.  The other two were forgettable pugs, a.k.a, the healer was shadow and wanted to dps, and the warrior was a tank with inferior gear to the paladin.  Anyway, we needed the priest to heal, and with the paladin tank holding 5-7 mobs at a time, we cleared the whole instance in about an hour and 15 minutes.  For those of you who don’t know Uldaman, that’s ridiculously fast for an on level group, for those of you who do, we cleared the final trogg room in 1 pull, and no one died.

2.)  I finished the high level quests in Badlands. 

These quests deal with the dragons and welps in the east side of the zone.  These quests give great experience, so even though they’re out of the way, they’re quite worth it.

3.)  I ran Zul’Farrak on level. 

See, even though I didn’t turn down that run through last week, I did in fact run it on level, just like I said I would.  This group was better than the Uldaman group, but due to the nature of the healers in the instance, the grab five mobs and AOE it down didn’t work as well.  This was probably good for me, as I had to actually play my toon the way I’ll need to later.  No notable gear, but boatloads of experience, and I finished all of the quests, even the ones that I had to go out of the way to get.

4.)  I finished all of the quests in Tanaris, and finished most of the quests in the Hinterlands. 

Why did I finish Tanaris first?  Because the questlines for Saving Sharpbeak, and The Ancient Egg, and Violet Tragan all start in Tanaris and continue in the Hinterlands.  After finishing the Hinterlands, I’ll head back to Tanaris, turn everything in and head to Un’Goro.

I’m currently preping for Sunken Temple, and I’m still on target to make it to Outland sometime this weekend.  Once I’m there, I’ll spend a little more time with the beta, and crank out my leveling specs for the rogue, paladin, and hunter.  Also, I’ve finished the draft for my 2nd enchanting post, look for that tomorrow…

– Sam

2 Responses to Weekend Warlock and Other Updates

  1. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    So I was talking to a buddy of mine yesterday and told him now I, and basically everyone else I was playing with was still trying to push 70’s to be ready for expansion. He came back with “why don’t you just gear one char and have them ready to go, from lvl 70-71 is like 1.5mil xp”. I’m like hmm thats dumb because in the long long term I feel like no one is going to want to lvl toons 1-60 then 60-70 just to get to the new crap, so even in the event that it takes forever and a day to have 1 toon be 80 its still good to have everything else cocked and ready …. right? lol

  2. samueltempus says:

    Well, in a response to your friend, I have 3 epic toons (two with T4 equiv. gear, and one with T5 and T6 equiv. gear). Those toons are more than ready for the expansion, and I probably won’t really start replacing their gear until level 74 or so. Even though they’ll end up making 60-70 easier, I believe that people aren’t going to be as motivated to level a brand new toon from 1-80.

    My main reason for leveling alts is to cover the spectrum of professions. The more stuff I can make and/or sell, the more gold I’ll make, and the less I’ll spend. As far as raiding, I do that for fun and experience, more so than gear. I’m going to keep raiding until the expansion, but not for gear.

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