Steady Progress

Due to the earlier than expected Wrath release, and the receipt of a beta key, I’ve slimmed down my leveling goals a bit.  While it would be nice to get my lock and my mage to 70 before the expansion, I’m going to stop the mage at 30 (300 tailoring and enchanting).  My main goal is to get the lock to 70, and I’m making steady progress on that goal.

I started Badlands at level 40 and now my warlock needs 20% to reach level 44, so I’m really ahead of the game.  I did all of the Uldaman quests, and all but 2 of the questlines in Badlands.  Just doing those quests got me 2 whole levels of experience (none of which was rested).   I’ve normally started questing in Tannaris and Hinterlands at this point, but I’m going to get a group for Uldaman first.

If you’re of the mathematical sort, you’re aware that 40+2 does not equal 43.8.  I got the other 1.8 levels yesterday when a friend of mine was running Zul’farrak for her two other accounts (yes, with the 3x experience from recruit a friend).  She invited two of us along to fill out her party.  So I basically soaked up some free experience, while completing 4 of the Zul’farrak quests, and looked forward to running it for real later. 

Yes, I know I taked previously about the merits of doing instances on level, and I’ll continue to do them that way.  I’ll still end up running Zul’Farrak on level at least one time before I leave Tannaris.  But, if a friend wants me to fill out a group, I’m down for the free experience.

Speaking of running instances on level, we had the opportunity to run Scarlet Monestary (Library, Armory, and Cathedral) this weekend.  The group makeup was: 2 Warlocks, 1 Protadin, 1 Shaman healer, and 1 Dps Warrior.  Imagine clearing an instance on level, with a paladin tank.  He would grab 6 mobs, and we would AOE them all down.  Rinse and repeat.  Quick, efficient and painless.  No gear for the effort, but a level and a half of experience.  It was wicked fun.

How does the leveling look for the next few weeks?  Well, I won’t really have any time to play for a few days, but I’m sure that I’ll hit 50 sometime this weekend.  That would put me in Outland sometime next weekend, or worst case scenario, the following week.  I will probably cool down the leveling once I hit 60, taking advantage of some more rest experience, while I enjoy the Beta some more.

Oh yeah, my hunter now has a Vengeful Axe.  That is all.

– Sam

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