WotLK Beta – Stormwind

I really like some of the changes happening in Stormwind.  The city hasn’t really changed since I started playing.  Among the new additions to the city is Stormwind Harbor, a route to northrend,  which puts all other harbors in the game to shame:


That view may not be impressive, but think for a minute about how Menethil or Theramore looks when you get off the boat.  How much eye candy is there when you jump ship at Ratchet or Booty Bay?  I think you’ll agree that getting off the boat in Stormwind looks much cooler:


These all pale in comparison to my final discovery in Stormwind.  If you’ve ever wondered why it took the king of stormwind 4 years to make it home, I think the answer is pretty clear now. 

Is this not the biggest throne you’ve ever seen?  If I was bringing that back from my “vacation,” it would take me years too!  I think the next largest throne in the game is the throne in Blackrock Depths:

And yes, sitting at the bottom of that throne is a level 57 Samueltempus.

– Sam

One Response to WotLK Beta – Stormwind

  1. wowblogger says:

    Very nice spoiler post. I have not seen pictures of the harbour before and I must say it is very impressive.

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