WotLK Beta — Deathknights: First Impression


Deathknights.  They’re really not that similar to the other classes.  Having only played one for about an hour, the best way I can describe them is an Unholy Ret Paladin.  Still the questlines were entertaining, relatively easy, and rewarding.  Without going too in depth, in the one level I played, I learned to create, and created my first runeblade, as well as earning an epic ground mount, and various pieces of blue gear.

The only real issue, was the 60 other newly minted Deathknights, and the never less than a second of lag.  From what I’ve read on other blogs, the lag is server wide, and more of an issue with the current release of the beta than any other factor.

More to come later, but I’m trying to balance my pre-wrath goals, with my time beta testing, and I’m working on something special for my next post about enchanting.


–  Sam

2 Responses to WotLK Beta — Deathknights: First Impression

  1. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    That mount looks awesome. So what level do you start the Deathknights at?

  2. samueltempus says:

    Deathknights start at level 55. You can get the mount at 55 too.

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