Enchants Pt. 1 – When to Enchant

This post is part one in a series of posts on getting your gear enchanted.


One of my guildies, Bridget, made some good points about a previous post.  It sparked some creative juices, and hey, if a guildie asks me a question, I’m either going to do my best to answer it or point them in the direction of someone who can.  Here’s the comment:

My question is when do you start to spend gold on enchants? I mean lets be real even if you have an in house enchanter the mats can get quite expensive and to me it seems like a huge waste to enchant anything you’re not sure you’re going to be wearing for a long time. I always felt like enchants were more of an “end game” kinda thing, once you were all decked out you get enchants, now I can see where this type of thinking is flawed but still, when do you decide to start really spending serious gold on enchants?

I don’t enchant gear until I hit or am close to 70. 

I have two excpetions to this rule:

1.)  If I find a good piece of gear leveling, that I am not likely to replace for 10+ levels, I will put a good enchant on it.

When I was leveling my hunter, another guildmate of mine was running BRD and a level 47 BoE Polearm dropped.  He mailed it to me to use when I decided to level my hunter.  This particular weapon had good enough stats on it that I knew I wouldn’t be able to replace it until at least level 53.  So the instant I hit 47, I gathered the mats for a Savegery enchant, and had it enchanted.  Because of that enchant, I actually used that polearm until level 61 when I found a weapon with better stats.  I’m pretty sure I made back the cost of the enchant selling all of the weapons that I found in those 14 levels.

2.)  If I can make or buy an enchant that will make my leveling easier for a minimal effort or under 5g, I will put it on any gear that I might not replace for a few levels.

I usually only do this once I hit TBC content, as it takes significantly longer to level from 60-61 than it does to level from 59-60.  While leveling my hunter, I put Assault on every bracer and glove upgrade I got, because the enchant is quite cheap to do, and together that’s +50 attack power.  I also tend to use knothide / heavy knothide armor kits, as the mats are easily farmed, or cheap to buy.


When should you enchant?

I tend to agree with Bridget, that enchants are mainly an end game upgrade.  If you can get them for free leveling, great, otherwise, I don’t get them, excepting the circumstances I’ve already written about.  I think I differ in opinion with Bridget as to when end game starts.  

If you’re not gaining experience, you’ve reached the end game.  This doesn’t mean that you should be putting mongoose on a green weapon for a rogue.  But what it does mean, is the content that you can choose to work on is going to get progressively more difficult at a faster rate.  Your gear at this point should be getting enchanted and gemed properly.  It’s not necessary to spend thousands of gold to accomplish this feat, as even cheap enchants that increase your chances for survival or ability to perform are better than nothing.

– Sam

2 Responses to Enchants Pt. 1 – When to Enchant

  1. Lyndi says:

    Lyndiana was an enchanter from the start. And I never sell anything, I store it somewhere. So I usually had lots of DE mats and would enchant my own and Boebob’s gear as I went. I also use leather patches for the basically free Stam enchant, since I have skinner toons. I personally find leveling to be insanely easier when I pay out the gold or otherwise use my resources to put good gear and enchants on my toons. Until I hit needing primals in endgame everything was mostly free this way. But, that said, I have the gold, the resources, and the time. I would guess it’s not for everyone. I just find it makes my life easier. And Boebob practically got a free ride…. but that’s a whole different story.

  2. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    LOL @ Boebob getting a free ride. I can see how being an enchanter is extremely helpful but not being one …. thats a different ball game. Maybe I’ll make Chameleone an enchanter and see how that goes. I’m LWing right now tho and of course being a druid its helpful in itself …

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