The fact that I’m an altaholic is well known.  I have 3 level 70 toons, another that I’m leveling (Level 35 currently), and more that are somewhere in their mid to late 20’s ready to pick up if I feel like it.  To be honest, I haven’t found a class yet that I don’t like to play.  I don’t know if I could say that I really prefer one class over the others, as I enjoy tanking, healing and dps.

All of my 70’s quested to get to level 70.  I would finish out all the quests in an area before moving on, and if the zone was tied to an instance, I would pick up all of the available quests and run it.   I won’t lie and say that I never got a run-through on my toons (all of them were run through deadmines at least once), but 90% of the time they were in an instance it was an on level group.

That’s right.  On. Level. Groups.

A good on level group can clear Scarlet Monastery Lib in about 20 minutes.  Is that really so much longer than a run through?  Not to mention the dramatic difference in experience that one run on level will get you.

Why in the world would I take the time to level these toons this way?  There are many reasons:

1.) I knew how to play my class better when I hit 70

    – When my hunter hit 70, I was in Karazhan two days later, pulling 700+ dps wearing quest blues and greens.  I was able to achieve that feat, because I learned how to play in groups while instancing as I leveled.  BRK’s insight helped too.

2.) I leveled very efficiently and quickly

    – Questlines for instances can be very profitable in leveling.  I’ve gained as much as a level and a half doing the prequests for Uldaman.  Add to that the level and a half from doing the instance and turning the quests in, and you’ve earned 3 levels, in about 4 to 5 hours of time.

3.) I enjoyed being involved in the process of the character grow

    From Deadmines to Shadow Labs, the more instances you do, the better prepared for life at 70 you will be.   You’ll learn class synergies, pull strategies, and at least 10 ways not to do things.  But, I think that pales in comparison to the growth of your personal playstyle, and hopefully enjoyment of the game.  Leveling is about growth.  It’s the journey that’s important, not the destination.


I’d be curious to know some of your opinions on leveling. 

What zones do you avoid?  Which ones do you always complete?  Do you instance?  If you do, is it a run through, or a level group? 

Related story, and current project for fun:  Would you take a 10 man raid of level 15 players into deadmines?  Could you clear it?

– Sam

3 Responses to LF2M SM Lib

  1. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    Quite honestly I am probably the worst “leveler” you have ever met. I basically run around from zone to zone hoping to find a bunch of quests my level. I use carbonite and quest helper so completing quests is never an issue, just I wouldnt be able to answer any of those questions because I have no clue lol.

    I will say that I do not do any instances until at least SM. And i will skip right over SM and all its quests if I cannot easily find a group just while sitting in cue while leveling. I do run ZF and ST but not much .. mostly just questing.

    I find that I waste loads of time just trying to find something to do which is suitable for my level.

  2. samueltempus says:

    I find it hard to avoid instancing. I really enjoy the group aspect of the game. It is entirely possible to level with quests alone, and it might even be slightly faster. But, the playing experience, and gear you get from instancing make you quest faster in my oppinion.

    My goal when leveling, is to get “ahead” of the content as quickly as possible. If I’m doing quests that I should have done 3 levels ago, in gear that I’ve picked up that’s substantially better than what I should have, I blow through the content at rapid speed. I took my lock 5 levels this weekend, and I didn’t really play on Friday.

    As far as knowing where to quest, I’ve done it enough times now to know the path(s) I’ll take, where and when to skip annoying quests, how to efficiently pick up and complete multiple quests at the same time. I really should consider writing a leveling guide 🙂

  3. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    “I really should consider writing a leveling guide :)”

    You actually read my mind lol. Of course this is not something that should be done prior to expansion … lets just get those toons up !!@!

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