Check these stats out!

When you find something as epic as what you’re about to see, you must share it with everyone you know.  I’ve been doing some research, and found not one but two amazing pieces of gear.  I’ll tell you where they can be found later, but first here’s the stats on the two items:

Item #1

6 Stamina, 30 Agility, 6 Strength, 6 Intellect, 6 Spirit, +154 Attack Power, +16 Hit Rating, +27 Crit Rating, Chance on Hit: Increase Agility by 120 and Attack Speed by 2% for 15 seconds, this effect can stack up to two times


Item #2

+14 Stamina, + 25 Agility, + 50 attack Power, + 32 Hit Rating, + 8 critical strike, 8% run speed increase


Seriously, who would turn down those stats.  Now, I’m sure you want to know where you can find these pieces of epic gear.  Well, the truth is…..

You can’t!

There’s no item in the game currently that has enough Item points for those stat bonuses.  What you are seeing here, if you haven’t figured it out already, is the sum total of Samuel’s enchants (Item #1), and his gems (Item #2).  That means not only are these stats attainable, the only thing between you and them is time, effort, and a little gold.

How important are good gems and enchants?  Well, looking at those numbers, I’d say they’re pretty important.  Most tanks and healers I know can’t wait to get new gear gemmed and enchanted, but I’ve inspected many dps classes in raids, only to find lesser quality gems and little to no enchants.

Looking back at the items, how many pieces of gear would I have to replace to make up for those stats?  Without doing the math, I’d say close to all of it.  Take attack power for instance.  My gems and enchants cound for 259 of my total attack power (204 plus the 55 from agility), which is about about 15% of my attack power.  It would take many items to cover that much attack power.

You’re probably thinking, “But Sam, there’s this item with a combined 150 attack power on it, that would cover more than half of that attack power.”  Well, yes it would, and no it wouldn’t.  We have to look at it relative to the item it’s replacing.  Let’s say the item we are replacing are my legs.  My current legs have 104 attack power and 43 agility or 147 attack power overall.  All of the sudden that 150 attack power is only a net gain of +3 attack power.

If you’re not enchanting things or gemming them with quality gems (Sam’s gems are all blue, except for heroic drops and quest rewards), you’re selling yourself short.  Keeping the same unenchanted, badly gemmed gear for months becuase you know that a replacement will drop any day now makes no sense.  With the expansion approaching, the price of enchanting mats and gems is dropping steadily by the day.

The best thing you could possibly do for yourself if you are a dps class is to make your gear the best it can be before the expansion.  Your current gear might carry you most of the way through leveling to 80.  You’ll make more money than you’ll spend gemming and enchanting your current gear by selling all the greens and blues you won’t be using in the expansion.

– Sam

2 Responses to Check these stats out!

  1. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    K I found the I can’t believe Bridget did that post lol. My question is when do you start to spend gold on enchants. I mean lets be real even if you have an in house enchanter the mats can get quite expensive and to me it seems like a huge waste to enchant anything you’re not sure you’re going to be wearing for a long time. I always felt like enchants were more of an “end game” kinda thing, once you were all decked out you get enchants, now I can see where this type of thinking is flawed but still, when do you decide to start really spending serious gold on enchants?

  2. samueltempus says:

    I know you knew I was joking about the I can’t believe Bridget did that post. 🙂 In fact, I think I wrote this post after I made that comment. I really do like the feedback though, as I can do an entire post answering the questions you posed, and perhaps an enchanting on a budget post.

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