On Burning Bridges….

You could say that about a month ago my guild imploded.  Which isn’t entirely true, we still have more than enough capeable people to run 10 man content, and that’s all we need for the expansion. 

Here’s what happened, as close as I can figure, as neither of the two people I’m about to discuss have taken the time to speak with me since this happened.  I logged on one day and found that the other two active officers left and joined another raiding guild on our server.  One of them was a well geared tank, the other a well geared healer.  Needless to say, the loss of those two people hurt our chances at 25 man content.  After they had left, other people decided to jump ship too. 

Eventually, my brother (the original founder of the guild), and I (the current guild leader), decided to post on our guild’s website that we were shifting our focus from progression raiding to PvP, Alt leveling, and WotLK Prep.  We’ve had some other people leave since then, cutting our numbers down to about 70% of what they were.  We made it a point to let people know that if they left, we’d understand and it wouldn’t make us feel differently about them.  That being said, most people left on good terms, and we still group with them to this day.

Those aren’t the people this post is about.  This post is about the people who have been nasty, or elitist since they left.  I understand that being in a Tier6 raiding guild will get you better gear, but in less than 5 months, the bar is going to be reset, and everyone’s going to be on level ground.  I am by no means floating my own boat here, but in equal gear, I can match or out dps other rogues.  I’ve put the time into the research.  What does this have to do with burning bridges?

Well, I can’t guarentee that my guild will be owning the new raiding content, but I do have a group of 10 dedicated and knowlegeable players to progress with me in the new content.  We’ll always be looking for other players that are fun to play with, and are also dedicated and knowledgeable.  We’d be glad to get some of the players who left back in the expansion.  However, the people who left, and became “superior,” or left with nasty coments can find a new home if their current one doesn’t work out.  Thus is the nature of burning bridges, once you burn it down, there’s no way back.


– Sam

2 Responses to On Burning Bridges….

  1. kalei says:

    I’m sorry they were mean to you 😦

  2. Bridget/Ðeeps says:

    So funny cuz Sam is so right. As soon as we step foot into the new content its going to be a whole new ball game, alot of stuff people are itching to get now will be replaced, maybe not in the first levels like when BC first came out but it will be replaced nonetheless. I truly hope those bridge burners are happy with the new people their new guilds, me personally am not up for the challenge of trying to get to know new people, ya know with so many people in wow being total A-holes and that. As they say tho birds of a feather ….

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