Goal Updates and Other Weekend foolishness

I spent the weekend working on two of my goals:  Leveling 5 characters to 80, and leveling every profession to 450. 

I leveled my Lock to from 26 to 31 (almost 32), picked up my succubus, my felsteed, and my fel hunter.  While working on that project, I also upped her herbalism to over 150, and I’ve got about five hundred herbs stored on my alt bank already to level inscription with.  The goal for this weekend is to get around 45 or so with close to 250 herbalism.

My wife’s priest (which hit 70 a week from yesterday) has been into Karazhan twice now, and is close to full epic.  It took me months to get 9 epics on Sam, but only two weeks for her.  Once everything is gemmed and enchanted, she’ll have around 1500 plus healing.  Not to shabby for someone that was a shadow priest less than 10 days ago.

– Sam

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