Wrath Goals and How to Get There

Getting ready for a new expansion is a lot of work.  My personal advice to everyone is to take some time to think about what you want to be doing in the expansion and create a plan to help with those goals.

Here are some things I would like to do in the expansion:  Have at least 5 level 80 characters, level every profession to 450, raid the endgame content, form a competitive and successful arena team with my rogue in it.

How am I going to accomplish all of these goals?  It’s going to take a plan for each goal, and it’s going to take some prep work before the expansion comes out…..

Goal 1: Have at least 5 level 80 characters

I already have three level 70 characters so, I don’t think that this will too much of a challenge.  I’m currently powerleveling a warlock who is already at level 24, and a mage who is in 26.  The lock was in 20 yesterday and I only played for a few hours, so it shouldn’t be too hard.  I might even be able to get my druid, who I parked at 29, up to at least 58 before Wrath.

Pre Wrath – I am going to concentrate on leveling the warlock first.  It’s very similar in playstyle to my hunter in many ways, and levels very quickly.  I have a second account at my disposal, so I’ll use a combination of questing / instance runs to accomplish this task.

Goal 2 :  Level every profession to 450

I currently have Mining, Skinining, Herbalism, Engineering, and Alchemy leveled to 375, so I’m good with those professions.  Inscription is the next priority, followed by tailoring/enchanting.   All other professions will be leveled after the expansion comes out.

Pre Wrath – The warlock I am leveling has skinning/herbalism.  When Patch 3.0.2 comes out  I’ll be dropping skinning for Inscription.  If I’ve already reached 70 on the toon at that time, I’ll have stocked up enough herbalism mats to fully level it to 375 that day.  I won’t be missing any outland mats, as I herb with an epic flyer on the rogue. 

My mage has 225 tailoring/enchanting already at level 26.  I have an alt bank with 75 stacks of netherweave cloth ready for tailoring, and I’ve been sending all of my greens to the same bank for de when I hit 30 and train for 300 enchanting.  This toon will have 375 of both skills by Wrath.

My shaman is a miner/jewelcrafter and my druid a leatherworker/skinner.  Both are around level 30 and are working toward 300 in all skills.  They will not be leveled high enough to reach 450 until wrath has been out.

My bank alt is a warrior, and I will use him to cover the one profession I am not currently working on, blacksmithing.

Goal 3: Raid endgame content

I am the leader of the guild Bucklers of Swash.  We were progressing into Tier 5 when several of the core raiders left for a Tier 6 raiding guild.  We tried to rebuild, but not too long after more core raiders left for guilds on higher content.  My brother, who founded the guild, and I had a long chat and we decided to shift the guild focus from raiding to Wrath prep, PvP, and Alt leveling.

Pre Wrath – Bucklers of Swash is still in good shape.  We’re doing 10 man content with multiple groups and enjoying it.  We recently took a group with 3 toons that had recently hit 70, and had a handful of good pieces of gear between them.  We ended up full clearing with only 1 wipe on Nightbane and Prince.  As for that prince wipe, I was tanking, and saw 18k health dissapear in under a second, and have no idea what the heck hit me, becuase it wasn’t in the combat log that way. 

Bucklers already has a talented core raid group that will have a good shot of progression in the 10 man versions of the Wrath content.  Some of the people who’ve left have returned, and we’re looking good, but recruiting will be a must if we want to try the 25 man versions of the raids.

Goal 4: Form a Successful and Competitive Arena Team

The gear gap in arenas is horrid.  Even with the ability to do battlegrounds to get S2 gear, there’s still a large gap between the bottom and top of the arena pool.  This will get reset with the expansion and there will be an opportunity to “catch up” to the high level teams.

I am currently working on arenas with my hunter and rogue on multiple teams of multiple size.  It’s really helping my team skills and I think that it will pay dividends in the expansion.

And there it is:  Four goals, some small some big, all attainable.  All it takes it planning and time.

– Sam

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