Blog Azeroth: What will I be doing….

I was searching through my favorite blogs looking for some inspiration, when I checked over at Blog Azeroth and found the current collaberative post: What will I be doing the first few days after Wrath hits.

1.) I’ll be disabling all my addons, and checking WoWMatrix constantly for updates.  I probably will run with a standard WoW UI until at least a week into the expansion, and I will probably end up totally retooling my whole UI when I hit 80.  I really like to spend some time using addons like Align to make sure everything is at a good scale, lined up, and not cluttered.  That process takes time, and I don’t want it to intefere with my leveling.

2.)  I will not set foot in an instance for the first few days.  I’m pretty sure the instance servers will most likely crash from the load.  Besides, it is highly unlikely that I’ll really start replacing Samuel’s gear until level 73, so not doing the first instance or two isn’t likely to hold me back.

3.)  Every time I see an herb node, I will stop what I am doing and farm it.  I will need all the herbs I can get to level both Alchemy and Inscription.  I don’t even care if it slows down the leveling a little bit.  Hopefully gatherer will be updated and/or still work.

4.)  I’ll be doing my best to get Bucklers of Swash, my guild ready to start the level 80 content.  This will include setting up 5 man instance groups to level together, and recruiting for raiding.  We’re a casual raiding guild, but it doesn’t hurt to start preperation early.

I’m sure there’s more that I’ll do, but those 4 things will help set my guild and my toons up for success.

–  Sam

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