Sign-ups and Badge Run Raiding.

I think I’ve found the event manager I want, but alas, I’m at work and can’t actually check it out. It’s an addon, and I believe that everyone would have to install it to work, but it looks like it will work like a charm. More information to come on this later. If you’ll follow me, I believe I have some things to discuss about Badge Farming Raiding…..

Badge Farming 101

1.) Unless instructed to stop by the raid leader or a healer, tanks will continue to chain pull trash.

2.) All Classes should bring consumables to increase their effectiveness. This means flask/pots, mana/wizard oil, etc.

3.) Farm/progression raiding is work. I personally find a successful quick raid to be more fun than a wipe-ridden joke fest that takes 2 more hours. Leave the goofing-off for an event that it was meant for. If you really want to goof off in a raid, do it in a level 60 raid for fun.

4.) Listen to the raid leader, and save yourself the blame. Wipe when asked and only use battle rez, ankh, etc. when asked. Here’s an example:

If the leader calls a wipe, please just die, and save us the 10 minutes of you running away and then running back. If you can vanish or feign, that’s fine, but do it within a 30 sec walk from the rest of the group.

5.) If you are going to be AFK, make it less than 2 minutes and give advance warning so we can not let it slow us down. Also keep AFKs at a minimum. People who aren’t there for 1/4 of the raid shouldn’t be getting all of the benifit.

6.) Buffs will be applied (if applicable) before a boss fight and after a wipe. If you’re missing a buff on trash that isn’t a salvation, don’t expect the raid to stop while we buff you up.

7.) Buffing should take no longer than 1 minute. If you are missing a buff that you think you should have, save our ears and put it in raid chat.

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