Changes on the Horizon

The guild is very big, and all of the sudden we’re having issues getting proper raids together. The clash between hardcore and casual is begining to rear its head. I’m pretty sure this happens in every guild when it hits this size and I want to do something about it. Here’s the issue though. I’m one person with one account in a guild with over a hundred. I can ask, beg and plead until I’m blue in the face, but if no one or few people listen, it doesn’t really have any effect.

I really want to progress into tier 5 / 6 content and sunwell too, but I don’t want to do it with extreme rules and measures, such as attendance policies. That being said if we have a consistant raid group for 25 man tier 5 content going, there will be a new loot system installed favoring those who attend most often. As for the exact system, I don’t know what will be in place, and until I can have a consistent group, meaning 70% of the people are the same week to week, the /roll system stays.

I will be running my raids with a more serious tone starting this week. I want things to go faster and smoother. I’d like to know what I’ll be working with ahead of time, so I know if I have any special needs for a raid. Here’s what I’m doing about it:

1.) I will be using a sign up system for any raids I run (system still to be determined). If you want to go to a scheduled raid, you must sign up for it in advance. I will let more people sign up than the raid will hold, and I will select the best group available from the characters on the list. I will be running two Karazhan groups and will get as many people as possible a chance to raid. Group two will be a badge farming run and the weekend group will be a progression group.

2.) Badge farming raids will be run at full speed. The tanks will continue to chain pull unless a raid member dies or a healer calls out to drink. Goofing off in vent will result in a global mute if it interferes with the raid. This mute will be removed after 5 minutes. If the goofing off persists, I will find replacement. This being said, there will be several non-raid events purely set up for fun.

3.) Progression runs will be run at the fastest speed possible. The raid leader will explain fights if anyone has fought a boss 2 or less times. After that, you are expected to know the fight. If you do have a question, I will always ask for any questions before I ready check. I will do my best to provide all information that is needed, and will call out for all battle-rezes , Divine interventions, tanking assignments, etc.

If you have any other suggestions on how to improve our raids, please let me know with a comment.

– Samuel

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