Things we should be doing as a guild.

So, there are 99 accounts tied to our guild now. And while some of the accounts are inactive, a good majority are not. And, from what I have seen, there’s some top notch talent, and good people in this guild. I would like to keep it that way, so here are my ideas for having fun and progressing. Be warned, while worth the read in my opinion, this post is long….

1.) We need to organize another raid group. We’ve had a new wave of members recently and they are, I’m sure ready to raid. We’ve been able to take a few with us to the 25 man raids, but we’ve gotten to the point where a third 10 man group is an option that should be looked into. I’m not really into the whole raiding with two groups a week thing, but if need be, I’ll volunteer to lead the raid for a few weeks to get everything started. As it turns out, I’ve got some experience leading a new group into Karazhan, and even some Karazhan tanking skill.

2.) We need to have some fun. I’m going to host a Level 1 Hogger Raid on Saturday, April 12th, time to be determined later. Also, I’d like to start doing some organized battlegrounds, and will soon change the poll to find a good time to do them. I wouldn’t mind hosting a Gnaked Gnome Race either, but that takes some planning, so I’ll get to working on that later.

3.) Continuing on the idea of fun…. I want to get 5 man lvl 70 teams together to compete in a pre-bc instance competition. We could even do a buy in per team and award gold to the winning team. The only real rule would be that you would have to do a full clear of the instance, no partial clears. We could start with something easy like Deadmines or Stockades (which could possibly be cleared in under 3 minutes with the right team), and maybe someday we could have a BRD, or other insanely long instance run, but that would take forever.

4.) I would like to lock down a solid 25 man raid team. I know that sometimes people won’t be able to go, but that 25 man team would have alternates for that reason. This way we have (hopefully) a core group of about 20 players that are always in the group. If we do this, we will be able to progress much faster through the content, and perhaps with the new badge loot even see most of endgame before Wrath of the Lich King. That goal didn’t seem possible before 2.4, but with the new badge loot, it may be possible. That being said, if we can’t form a consistent raid group that is used to raiding together, that will probably slip back to impossible.

– Six months ago, this guild was fairly small, and couldn’t down all of Karazhan. Now we have two groups who can do that, and many characters geared to take on tier 5 and 6 content. Since we’re bigger now, and moving up the rankings, we need to stick together and work together if want our successes to continue. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done and have yet to do. If you have any suggestions or ideas to help keep this awesome group of people progressing and having fun, please let me know.

– Samuel

2 Responses to Things we should be doing as a guild.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to raid a horde town something small like TM or maybe the cross roads just to let horde taste what it is like to be on the other end of ganking and extreme lag from all the action going on in the city

  2. SamuelTempus says:

    Not quite sure if that’s the Bucklers Way, but hey, I’m sure we’ve got some people (tyler) that like to gank the lowbies

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