2.4 Thoughts, and MrT 1st Impressions

First of all, I’d like to go back in time and slap myself a few times in the face after complaining about the Shattered Sun Offensive world event. Right now, I could care less that I don’t have the Epic Pants of Godliness. And no, that isn’t a link, they’re just so awesome that I had to bold them and make them purple. But seriously 150-200g a day doing very little work is just fine for me. Not to mention the bombing quest rocks. I can’t verify this, but I think I’m the only person in guild that has finished it in one run. The new island looks great, and Blizzard made the mechanics of the event fun, even if long. To see how Mug’thol is doing compared to other realms check this out: us.gorgonnash.info, or here for more specific Mug’Thol info. As for MrT (Magister’s Terrace for the abreviation challenged)…….

Let me just say, the instance looks amazing. It might be one of the best looking instances in the game. We took in 5 characters gear range of mid kara to tier 5, and while it wasn’t hard, it was challenging. Still, we managed to wipe ourselves a fair number of times. The rewards in this instance don’t really live up to it’s difficulty. That’s not true of heroic, but if you’re going to make the regular version as hard as it is, and make it drop blues, at least bump up the item level 5-10 more points. We sharded every single piece of loot. I was tank on Anabelle, and I really want the trinket out of Heroic, but I don’t know that I’m geared enough to tank it yet. It just depends on how much harder the Heroic is. Now I just need to run it on the rogue 🙂

– Samuel

One Response to 2.4 Thoughts, and MrT 1st Impressions

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree it is pretty neat we ran MgT today and it was a lot of fun except for the stupid priest and the pull that I messed up on ooops but They dailies are extremely easy except for certain horde who cause trouble other than that i like and and would love to run MgT again tomorrow


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