A little QQ and Other Entertaining Thoughts.

First the QQ. I know blizzard likes the idea of world events, and I have to agree the stuff going on with the Shattered Sun Offensive is neat. However, I’ve been sitting on these badges for weeks and I want some epic pants! It’s the only non-epic item I have. And believe me, I’ve downed Quagmirrian and Netherspite enough times to have epic pants, not epic fail. But, hey, I suppose if it takes a couple more weeks, I’ll live.

As for entertaining thoughts, the same group II that downed all of Karazhan last week (as in two days ago) for the first time went in this time and cleared the whole thing in 3.5 hours. That’s a damn fast 22 badges (that I can’t spend yet). I mean, even with a Elite team of awesomeness, you’d be hard pressed to get 6.28 badges per hour out of heroics….

Now for some of the interesting tidbits about the raid. We took three holy paladins. Yup, no HoTs. Guess what, we one-shotted every boss with them too. In fact the only time we wiped was when our MT pulled three fleshbeasts instead of two following chess. We had 2 rogues and two feral druids, how’s the new bleed effect stuff working? It’s working great. Mobs were dying incredibly fast. WoW Webstats isn’t working with the new combat log yet though, so I haven’t been able to test the accuracy of recount, or see how much bleed damage I caused. At least my mainly ACE’d interface was fairly easy to update, and didn’t crash on the things I couldn’t update.
– Samuel

One Response to A little QQ and Other Entertaining Thoughts.

  1. cardiac says:

    Yeah and the off tank (ME) went afk for like 30 mintues so they 9 manned trash which needed two tanks so group was awesome ZA here we come

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