Group II – Karazhan Cleared

After 2 hard months of work, Medivh’s tower stands empty. We’ve been consistently downing all but two of the bosses since week two, but now we’re close to farming Karazhan…

We’ve also downed all of Gruuls, so as a guild it is on farm. Magtheridon and Void Reaver are next. After last night, there’s a ton of progress to be proud of. We didn’t just empty Karazhan last night, we destroyed it. Shade, ugly but one-shotted (drank with 2% left, yuck!); Chess, one-shotted (of course); Netherspite; one-shotted (only 3 beam phases!); Illhoof, one-shotted (with ease); Nightbane, one-shotted (clearly on farm now); Prince Malchezaar, one-shotted (keep that up, and I’ll call the whole place on farm).

What’s next? Tier 5, Zul’Aman and more. Bucklers has come a long way in the last two months, and I don’t know how much of it had to do with my help, nor do I care. I’m just proud to be a member of the guild and to do my part. Let’s keep rocking this end-game content.
– Samuel

3 Responses to Group II – Karazhan Cleared

  1. cardiac says:

    Gratz group 2 I wish i would have been there


  2. SamuelTempus says:

    Would have been glad to have you there, but we’ll make up for that this week 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish we still had the motivation we did when we started the people who were on with us every week but I see now what how people kind of fall out when they can’t really “reap the benefits” so to speak but hopefully this next week we can full clear in one night again

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