New Mount

Two days of grinding Ogres. It wasn’t that bad honestly; here’s the reward!  I’m lovin’ this Cobalt War Talbuk.   I’ll do some more photography in the fuure to point out just how small Samuel looks on this mount, like his rogue invisibility from the front (he’s so small you can’t really see him).   The mount paid for itself from all the venor trash that sold, and I made 100g on top of that.  Not to mention enough flash powder to make it through WotLK.

Anyway, if you want one of these yourself, you just need to kill about 800 ogres in nagrand to farm the Kurneai Rep. Again, it’s really not that bad, and you’ll make money (and about 500-600 netherweave too). If you’re a rogue, you can make even more money / level your lockpicking with the cheap shot macro So go get your shiny new mount today!

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