Posting Again…successes

As I have been assured that people actually read this, I am actually going to post again! My guild has seen many achievements since my last post, and I suppose that would be a good place to pick back up.

The second kara group has done very well. Though we’ve only downed prince once (infernals ftl), everyone but nightbane (he’s going down this week) gets downed every week. Last week, we took a huge step forward and organized our first 25 man raid. Granted it wasn’t a full guild run, the majority of people were in the guild. We wiped a lot, but in the end Gruul’s corpse lay before us. I won a dragonspine trophy for the effort, my first piece of new loot in months. It’s kind of weird to get passed in gear by the people you’re trying to help gear up, but I suppose that’s the nature of the beast.

My future plans:

Continue to gear up my paladin (Main tanked kara once already, had kinks to work out with a type of tank many people weren’t used to). Get Samuel some serious PvP gear (vengeful pants incoming soon). Continue my 29 twink hunter ownage until I have 50 WSG and AB marks, then level him up some more. Down Magtheridon and Void Reaver (in that order). And continue to help my guild progress into newer content.

– Samuel

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