Group II Kara Recap

I am proud to say that group II had a very successful first trip in to Medivh’s Tower. We had some hiccups along the way, but for the most part, I was surprised at how well we did. We downed Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Romulo and Julienne, Curator, Shade, and of course Chess. It wasn’t always pretty, but we did one-shot a fair number of the bosses. Here is a recap of the Raid:

1.) Attumen

Great Job here; the tanks kept aggro, the healers healed, and the dps burned him down.

2.) Moroes

Several wipes here. Crowd control was the main issue, and we need to work on keeping the hunter traps up, including not breaking them. Other than that, mad props to the dual rogue tank on the mortal strike warrior, and to the healers that kept them up.

3.) Maiden

One-Shotted, but sloppily. We didn’t get a single Holy Fire dispelled. The grounding totem of the Shaman helped tremendously, but we have to make the dispells a priority, or I guarentee a wipe next time.

4.) Romulo and Julienne

One wipe, followed by a textbook performance. Healers and tanks, great job. Dps needs to stay on assigned target, as we did on the second try.

5.) Curator

One-Shotted. Dps did a great job of burning down the balls. We need to do more damage during the Enervate, but that will come with time, and gear.

6.) Shade

One wipe, then downed him. Excellent job! No one moved during Flame Wreath, and we downed him before he could drink. Looking for a repeat performance next week.

7.) Chess

You would have to try and lose this and it would still be hard to do. There was some confusion on what to do, and we’ll smooth that out next time.

-All in all, it was a great first attempt, and I can’t wait to work on it again this week.

– ST

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