Venturing into Medivh’s Tower

Group II made its first trip into Karazhan last night, and I was quite happy with the results. We downed attumen, Moroes, Maiden and Opera (R & J). We didn’t wipe on any trash, and our other wipes came from learning the fights. We wiped three times on Moroes learning the event (dual rogue tank on the arms warrior FTW!) And once on Opera (blinding passion on the off tank). But nonetheless, with a group composed mainly of people who’d never been to Kara, it was a very successful night.

How can we improve upon our success? Easy, Let’s down Curator and Shade when we go back to finish the job. If all goes well, we’ll try netherspite (on the first trip into Karazhan), right after the easy mode loot from the Chess event. But, I digress. Congratulations, Group II, it was ugly in spots (no holy fire cleanses on Maiden), but we did a good job.

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