Karazhan Group II — Loot Rules

First of all, grats be to Bucklers of Swash for being able to actually take two groups to karazhan. Our group I has kara on farm status now, and this group will allow us to progress into the 25 man raids. As I leave group I to run group II, I wanted to say somethings to make our raid as smooth as possible.

Loot. Nothing causes more drama than loot. If you need more information, read this post on one of my favorite wow blogs.

So to ward off as many loot gripes as possible….

Our loot rules are simple and are based on the following premise:

We raid to the further the progression of our guild into higher content areas, and therefore loot should go to players who need gear first to make the raid stronger.


1.) Loot will be controlled by a master looter, and loot will be determined via /roll.
2.) Rolls will be allowed in the following order:

A. Need (received no prior loot in this run)
B. Need ( received prior loot in this run*)
C. Off-spec (gear that can be used, but not with current spec)
D. Disenchant (all raiders roll for the mats produced)

* If a person defaults on one piece of gear (no one else needs it), they will still be considered as category A; however, after defaulting on two pieces of gear, they will be considered as a category B.

Note, these loot rules someone could potentially get a piece of loot that benefits themselves more than the raid. For example, loot x drops and two people could use it, one is wearing an epic, and the other is wearing a green/blue. If that happens, remember that you can always pass to someone else if you know they can use it more. Good raid karma and synergy will outshine gear any day.

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